MetaTrader API Auto Import Instructions (MT5 & MT4)

MetaTrader Auto Sync with UltraTrader

This step-by-step guide is aimed to walk you through the process of setting up your MetaTrader account to automatically import your trades to UltraTrader.

Step 1: Copy your credentials from UltraTrader

Begin by copying the provided FTP server, FTP login, and FTP password from the MetaTrader account you’ve set up within your UltraTrader app.

Step 2: Tools>Options>FTP

Open your MetaTrader platform and navigate to the toolbar. Click on the ‘Tools’ option, then select ‘Options’ from the dropdown. Now, focus on the FTP section.

Step 3: Paste your credentials

On the FTP page, you’ll need to input the credentials from Step 1. Paste your FTP server, login, and password details. Ensure to tick the ‘Passive Mode’ checkbox located beside the password field. It’s imperative to also ensure the ‘Enable automatic publishing of reports via FTP’ option is selected.

Step 4: Enter the account number and Refresh rate

Scroll to the bottom section of the FTP page. Here, input the account number associated with the broker or exchange you’re keen to integrate with UltraTrader. This account number is typically visible on the left panel of MetaTrader, categorized under ‘Navigator>Accounts’. For optimal syncing and updates, set your Refresh rate to ‘5 Minutes’.

Step 5: Click Test and Submit

Once you’ve input all the necessary details, click the ‘Test’ button. A pop-up saying “Report was successfully queued” should appear if all is in order. Click ‘OK’ to close the FTP modal.

Step 6: Sync in UltraTrader

Switch back to your UltraTrader application. Look for the ‘Sync’ button next to the account you’ve just configured. Click on it. If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, a “Trades imported successfully” message should greet you, confirming the successful integration.


Keep in mind that MetaTrader has to be open on desktop for the sync to work.

Facing hiccups or have any queries? Our live support is always ready to assist you.

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