KuCoin API Connection Instructions


This guide will assist you in configuring your KuCoin account for automatic synchronization of your trades with UltraTrader. Please note that as of now, only Futures markets are supported, allowing lightning-quick syncing of your trades without manual intervention.

Step 1: Profile > API Management

Once you’ve logged into KuCoin, move your cursor to the profile icon located at the top right corner. Then, click on “API Management.”

Step 2: Create API > API-Based Trading

After clicking “Create API,” fill in the following fields:

  • API Name: UltraTrader
  • API Passphrase: Enter a secure password; you will also need to enter this within the app.
  • API Restrictions: Select “Futures Trading” from the available options

Step 3: Complete Form and Submit

Select “Yes” For IP Restrictions and type in the following:

Tap Next and Finish the Security Verification

Step 4: Copy API Credentials

Copy the API Key, Secret, and the Passphrase you selected earlier into UltraTrader, then tap “Submit.”

And there you have it! Your KuCoin trades will now automatically be imported into UltraTrader. By connecting KuCoin with UltraTrader, you can focus on refining your trading strategy while we take care of the administrative details. Happy trading!

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