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CoinMarketManager Alternative

Looking for a CMM alternative and curious about other crypto trading journals out there? You’ve come to the right spot!

First things first: What is a trading journal? As trading, especially in the crypto realm, grows in popularity, the importance of keeping a detailed journal cannot be stressed enough. We’ve moved past the days of basic pen-and-paper logs and tricky Excel spreadsheets.

Now, we’re in the era of specialized online trading journals. These platforms, tailor-made for traders, offer insights and tools that can genuinely boost your trading strategies. It’s exciting to see platforms like CMM and UltraTrader emerge, meeting the varied needs of the global trading community.

Which one is the best?

UltraTrader vs CoinMarketManager

The answer is not one-size-fits-all. Every trader has their own set of needs. The most effective way to figure out the right fit? Comparing features and benefits side by side. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this article—pitting UltraTrader against Coin Market Manager. If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic and user-friendly crypto trading journal, stay tuned for this detailed showdown!

General Overview

If you want to compare the two in one quick look, here is a side-by-side comparison:

PlatformsWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb
Premium Price$12.99/Month$69.99/Month
MarketsCrypto, Forex, Stocks, Indices, CommoditiesCrypto
ExchangesBinance, BYBIT, MetaTraderBinance, BYBIT, WOO X, Deribit
Auto Import
Exchange Position Tracking
Manual Position Tracking
Performance Analysis
Strategy Analysis
Free CSV Export
Online Support
Telegram Bot
Fundamental News
Price Alerts
UltraTrader and CoinMarketManager Comparison

This table lays out the features side by side, making it clear where each platform stands. UltraTrader boasts a significant number of exclusive features, enhancing its overall offering to traders.

Free Version Comparison

The allure of free versions lies in their ability to showcase the platform’s potential while offering usable features. Coin Market Manager’s (CMM) free version serves as a window into its premium capabilities. Though it lets users add trades manually, the process is quite tedious. Unlike UltraTrader, which simplifies the experience by automatically calculating crucial data like PNL, amount, or price, CMM requires you to manually input each detail.

A noteworthy distinction between the two platforms arises when we discuss live tracking for manually added trades. UltraTrader shines here, offering live tracking even in its free version, making it both a versatile trading journal and an efficient portfolio tracker. In contrast, CMM lacks this feature in both its premium and free versions. 

New Setup Comparison

Additionally, UltraTrader’s free version doesn’t skimp on the details. It provides users with comprehensive analysis tools, even for manually added trades, which CMM reserves for its premium subscribers. But UltraTrader doesn’t stop there. Features such as alerts, up-to-date news, an economic calendar, watchlist functionalities, and order fill notifications further differentiate it from CMM, making its free offering robust and feature-rich.


Choosing a free trading journal often comes down to usability and feature richness. While both CMM and UltraTrader offer commendable free versions, UltraTrader edges out with its intuitive design, automatic calculations, and an expansive array of features that cater to traders’ diverse needs. It’s not just a trading journal; it’s a comprehensive tool designed with traders in mind.

Premium Version Comparison

When diving into the premium offerings, both UltraTrader and Coin Market Manager (CMM) bring an impressive lineup of features to the table. However, a glance at their respective price tags reveals a stark contrast. While UltraTrader Pro boasts its comprehensive features at an affordable rate of $12.99/mo, CMM’s Professional package comes in at a heftier $69.99/mo.

Let’s unpack what each premium version has in store:

UltraTrader Pro:

UltraTrader Pro feature images
  • Unlimited Exchange Connections: Sync seamlessly across all supported exchanges.
  • Unlimited Live Trades Tracking: No restrictions on monitoring your active trades.
  • Multiple Entries and Targets: Efficiently manage single trades with multiple entry and target points.
  • In-depth Strategy Analysis: Fine-tune your trading strategies with comprehensive insights.
  • Telegram Bot with NLP: Harness the power of Natural Language Processing for streamlined updates and notifications.
  • Unlimited Alerts: Stay in the loop with endless alerts tailored to your trading habits.

Coin Market Manager Proffesional:

  • Unlimited Verification Pages: Demonstrate your trading prowess with unrestricted verification pages.
  • In-depth Account Analytics: Dive deep into your trading patterns, successes, and areas of improvement.
  • Trade History/Performance: A comprehensive overview of your trading journey.
  • Unlimited Trade Uploads: No cap on trade uploads ensures uninterrupted trading documentation.
  • Automated Trading Journal: Streamline your trade recording process.
  • CSV Downloads & Reports: Extract detailed reports for thorough analysis and record-keeping.


Choosing between premium versions boils down to a balance of features and affordability. UltraTrader Pro not only brings in a compelling suite of tools but does so at a fraction of the cost, making it a value-packed option for traders. On the other hand, CMM’s Professional package, with its emphasis on verification and analytics, is tailored for those willing to invest more for its specific set of tools. Yet, with UltraTrader’s intuitive tools and wallet-friendly price, it’s hard not to see the allure it presents for the modern trader.

User Interface & Experience

In the realm of crypto trading journal apps, the user interface plays a pivotal role. Both UltraTrader and Coin Market Manager (CMM) have clearly recognized this. They offer digital interfaces that masterfully blend function with aesthetics. For traders, this means a seamless experience where a vast amount of data is accessible without overwhelming the senses. Within this landscape, UltraTrader sets itself apart, especially when it comes to manual trade addition. The UX in this crypto trading journal app is finely-tuned to be as straightforward and efficient as possible, reducing the steps and time needed for manual entries.

UltraTrader’s Mobile Experience

UltraTrader Mobile Features

The necessity for a robust mobile experience in a trading journal app cannot be overstated in today’s fast-paced world. UltraTrader’s mobile applications for iOS and Android have been crafted keeping this very need in mind. These apps ensure traders are never out of touch, whether they’re commuting, traveling, or just taking a break. 

More than just a mirrored version of the web platform, the mobile interface of this crypto trading journal app has been optimized for the handheld experience. Features like swift navigation, real-time alerts, and a streamlined dashboard ensure a smooth experience. Crucially, push notifications mean you’re never missing out on vital market shifts or news updates. UltraTrader’s commitment to a holistic mobile experience ensures that, no matter where you are, your trading journal remains a touch away, empowering you to make informed decisions on the go.

Auto Import (Automated Trade Journaling)

The capability for automated trade journaling has revolutionized how traders track, analyze, and optimize their strategies. Both UltraTrader and CMM offer this must-have feature, paving the way for effortless logging of trades directly from some of the most prominent names in the crypto exchange realm. With visions aimed towards future growth, both platforms have ambitious plans to expand their range of supported exchanges.

Security, undoubtedly, remains paramount. In line with this, both platforms employ read-only APIs to fetch trading data. This ensures that while the apps can view trade data, they cannot initiate trades or transfers, ensuring a safe environment for your sensitive trading details. It’s a reflection of the unwavering commitment both platforms have towards user security.

However, while CMM has a slightly broader selection of exchanges currently, UltraTrader carves out an advantage in speed and efficiency. Thanks to its support for instant refresh via webhooks, UltraTrader delivers a swifter, more seamless experience when syncing and updating trades in the crypto trading journal. For the trader who values real-time data access without delays, UltraTrader undoubtedly stands out.


When comparing UltraTrader and Coin Market Manager, UltraTrader stands out as the superior crypto trading journal app. Not only does it offer a comprehensive feature set, but it’s also more affordable and user-friendly. If you’re seeking the best in crypto trading journaling, look no further. Ready to experience the difference?

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