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With the surge in the popularity of cryptocurrency trading, many are jumping on the bandwagon. However, smart trading isn’t just about hopping in; it’s about strategizing, reflecting, and learning from each trade. So, what’s a trader’s best tool for this? A trading journal. It’s like a diary of your trades, helping you see what went right, what went wrong, and how you can do better next time. Using one can make a big difference in your profits.

Introducing UltraTrader

Let’s talk about UltraTrader. It’s a trading journal tailored for those who are serious about their crypto journey. Designed with the needs of modern traders in mind, it’s not just for desktop; it has a powerful mobile app too. With UltraTrader, you have access to over 5,000 crypto symbols. What’s more, it promises almost perfect uptime and quick refresh rates.

Key Features

Auto Import from Exchanges:

Logging each trade manually can be a chore. That’s where UltraTrader steps in. It can automatically pull your trade data, especially if you’re using platforms like Binance or BYBIT. You can think of it as your automated Binance Trading Journal or Bybit Trading Journal.

Live Tracking:

With UltraTrader, you’re not just recording past trades. You can see your current trades and investments as they happen. Plus, if any of your set targets or limits are reached, you’ll get an alert.

Performance Review:

Ever wondered how well you’re doing overall? UltraTrader provides a simple dashboard where you can see your profit, return on investments, and how your assets are distributed.

In-depth Analysis:

Each trade is a lesson. With UltraTrader’s detailed analysis, you get to understand the ins and outs of each trade, helping you learn and improve.

Price Alerts:

You don’t have to keep checking prices all the time. Set your desired price alerts on any of the 5,000+ symbols, and UltraTrader will notify you when they hit.

News with Sentiment:

Stay updated with the latest in the crypto world. UltraTrader not only brings you news but also gives you an idea of the market’s mood with each piece.

Price Chart & Watchlist

Track how prices move over time and keep an eye on specific cryptos by adding them to your watchlist.

Telegram Bot

And for those who love Telegram, UltraTrader has a bot. You can quickly update your trades using simple, everyday language.


Free Version

It allows you to track up to 8 live trades, record finished trades, view your performance, get basic analytics, set up to 6 alerts, maintain a watchlist, view news, and export statements.

Pro Version

Get more with the Pro. Track unlimited live trades, set endless alerts, add multiple entries/targets for a position, connect to exchanges in read-only mode, use the Telegram Bot, and much more.


What’s next for UltraTrader? We’re planning to add more exchanges like KuCoin, OKX, and for our auto-import feature. Plus, we’ll be enhancing our journaling and analysis tools. So, expect things like improved note-taking and the ability to upload images soon.


Is UltraTrader Secure?

Absolutely. Your data and investments’ safety are our top priority.

Is UltraTrader Free?

Yes, we have a pretty handy free version.

Is UltraTrader available for mobile?

You bet! It’s designed for both mobile and desktop.

Eager to take your crypto trading to the next level?
Try out UltraTrader and see the difference for yourself.

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